Tuesday, November 6, 2012

before I finish last post

First read this blog (it's in my blogroll but here is the link): http://zephendrix.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/ben-sulsky-sauce123-and-the-pokerstars-all-star-showdown/

Second, it was really nice to see this quote below of sauce talking about playing long poker sessions:

do any of you guys remember the feeling you had taking the SATs? I remember being so insanely focused for those 3 hours or w/e, that after it was over i was in a sort of daze, almost hungover. i think high level poker (at least when im playing my A game) is a lot like that, except it’s everyday, and it’s as much as 20 hours straight. in some ways that sounds horrible (so much effort!) but in other ways it’s kinda great. first, because poker is a lot of fun, and the SATs are balls. and second, doing this sort of intense focusing day in and day out for years just has flat out made me a smarter and more effective person. it’s hard for privileged white kids with hippy parents (like me) to learn discipline, and i think poker has helped out a lot.

For years this is the comparison (I tend to use finals in college instead of he SATs as I think they required more studying and were more intense) that I've used when trying to describe to people what poker is like.  Everyone wants to focus on the flexible schedule and the light hours, and I think it's a surprise to most people the intensity of focus and thought that it requires day in and day out.  It can be very draining and I often find myself having trouble sleeping, or rambling when talking to people after long sessions.

Granted for Sauce high level poker is probably a step or two up from me (obviously in stakes but imo clearly in skill as well) but I think the principles of the comment still apply.

anyway the whole blog post is interesting, and the thread is also pretty good although obviously with a much higher static to noise ratio.

will be back to finish the last post later this week.  Today is a grind day, also keeping tabs on the election.



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