Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rain sucks. and 5000th 2p2 post?

My baseball season was supposed to start last night but we got rained out. Unfortunately things don't look much better for a game tonight, and I'm not even sure it's going to clear up for tomorrow. Typical lousy Boston spring. We've only had 3 days above 70 degrees so far for the year.

On another note I'm quickly approaching my 5000th post on 2p2. I've been a member for almost 5 years, and I think I'm finally going to make a milestone post. I've always avoided it because I felt I didn't have much to add that others hadn't already covered. In general I don't feel like a brilliant poker mind or innovator, just a hard studier and a quick learner.

But I think there might be some away from table stuff that I could add that might be valuable to other pros. So I'm going to work on a draft, and if I feel like it's something worth posting I will. I'll probably post it in the blog as well.




Pakelolo said...

Wondering if I can email you as i have some poker questions as well as some questions/advice about pitching for my 12 y.o. son. Thanks. Evan

Jim Perry said...

please do I'll do whatever I can to help. i'd rather not post my email in the comments but if you'll either post your email of send me a PM on 2p2 (thepizzlefosho) I'll get in touch.

sorry for not being around for awhile but was out of town for a wedding and then the wife graduated from med school. been a busy couple of weeks

Pakelolo said...

Hey Jim,
Please send an email to
I can't PM on 2p2 for some reason probably because I'm fairly new to it and never post anything on there.
I have mostly a ton of baseball questions for you so send an email when you have a chance. Thanks.