Wednesday, May 4, 2011

playing PLO and really enjoying it

for the first time I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of PLO a little. I actually feel comfortable playing more than 4 tables, although I notice that I play significantly better when only playing 4. I'm grinding small stakes PLO on carbon right now. I've won 11 BI so far, and when I win another 10 I plan on moving up in stakes. Because full tilt is no longer allowing for new US customers I'm replacing my full tilt banner adds raketherake banner adds. I'd suggest for guys looking to grind some small stakes in the US you can click on a link and sign up for rakeback at one of the merge sites. I'll get a little bonus for referring you, and you'll get rakeback, sign up bonus, and vip rewards from the best and most reliable rakeback site online. they also have freerolls and rake chases, so it really is a solid deal. I know there are others that are advertising under the table higher % RB deals, but without of the doubt in the market as is I'd prefer to have a highly reputable affiliate.

Other than that it is just usual stuff. Pitching, watching nba playoffs, working out, etc. Played 9 holes of golf on sunday and shot a 41 with only about 3 mulligans, and made it the whole 9 with the ball i started with. Considering I had not swung the clubs since last september, I was pretty happy with the results.

going to throw a pen now. hopefully we'll all hear something from FTP in the next week. Got all of my stars money back, but I had the majority of my online roll on FTP and had hoped to be able to withdraw it this week.


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TJ Eckleburg12 said...

"Wow, PLO is SOFT!"


"Wow, PLO is RIGGED"

...therein lies the natural progression of a PLO player

GL tho!