Friday, February 8, 2008

Feb starting off hot...

So I had a great wrap to Jan and ended up having one of my best months ever. Late month pushes in limit really got me going.

Feb has started off super hot. I'm winning in limit, and finally running hot at NL400. I've won +6 buy-ins at NL400 in about 1k hands ($2600) and I'm only one suckout away from being up $3500 (all-in with AA against 99 that flopped an OESD and he hit a 9 on the turn in a 900 pot). That hand was especially frustrating because I had 5-bet pf to $150 with $400 effective stack size. So this guy was getting worse than 5-1 odds even if he hit a set. Obviously my play is very profitable and I got the money in as a significant favorite. Can't do worse than that.

Baseball is also going well. My workouts are good, and my last bullpen was excellent. I need to start contacting teams and setting up tryouts.

Also its time to start getting my taxes ready. This is a much more involved deal this year since I have the poker stuff to file. I may end up hiring a CPA who specializes in pro poker stuff just to make sure I get things right.

Also, how about them Dukies? We really looked pretty good the other night, although if we had played great we could have easily won by +20. Getting a win at UNC is always sweet, and listening to all of the heel fans make their 1001 excuses why they should have won is hilarious. Also I watched the game with my sophomore year college roommate that I haven't hung out with in a couple years. We saw the game with about 25 other duke alum in a bar which made for good times. My yelling didn't make me stick out quite as much that way.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend. If you need to get in touch with me shoot me an email and I'll get to it sunday night. Hope everyone has good luck at the tables and enjoys their weekend.



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