Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My first losing day :-(

-$1000 today (not counting RB which should be worth about $100). PLayed about 1.5k hands, and it was a total roller coaster. I started out by dropping $600 in about an hour just running horribly. Then I made it all back +$300 running really good at a 10/20 table.

Took a break to watch some baseball, and played about as well as the Red Sox did tonight when I came back. Got brutalized in HUHU where I ran horribly (never flopped a pair and missed every draw....Yay!). At the same time I was losing in a great 10/20 game where I had the best seat. Dropped a quick $900 and I was back to -$650 for the day.

Played a late night early morning sesssion of 3-tables, and just ran and played fairly bad. Had several two outers in big pots, and wasn't catching many cards. Only lost $350 during the session, but I decided to quit because I was tired and the tables where turning crappy.

Overall it wasn't a stressful day, because I am happily well rolled for the games I'm playing in (think over 1000BB). And I'm still having a solid month and on target to meet my monthly goals. Mostly though I just need to be getting in more hands since the trip to durham this weekend, and still being at my job the first week has set me behind for the month. I would like to get close to 40k hands this month, and I'm currently only at 6k. To get there I need to play 2k hands a day for the rest of the month, and I have my doubts whether I'll make it. Either way I'll give it a go.

Weekend was good times, and seeing all of my old teammates and some former classmates was a blast. Hit up all of our favorite spots, and generally had a good time. Duke got killed in football (shocking), but the tailgate was as crazy as ever. I threw decent in the alumni game, but I only pitched 1 inning because noone really wanted to face me (I throw quite a bit harder than typical alumni game standards).

Tomorrow is serious grinding. Need to work out, get in 2k hands, post some HHs on 2p2 for discussion, and generally get back in the flow of things. I certainly think part of my losing today was due to rust and poor play on my part.



the3rd said...

Ouch. It must have been some homecoming for you to get rusty after only one weekend.

Your picture looks like a Russian assassin scouting his next target. :-)

Jim Perry said...

it was a great homecoming.

and I definitely take it as a compliment if you think I look like a russian assassin. I think I usually look pretty goofy, so it must have been the serious look on my face since I was trying to get that pic lined up.

thanks for following the blog!