Thursday, January 13, 2011

8 inches of snow, what to do? Build an igloo!

For some reason the blog posted them in reverse chronological order. So either scroll down and work your way up, or enjoy watching the clock tick back on my igloo building evening.

At one point we left to grab some dinner. Afterwards we came back to find that someone had tagged (grafitti) the inside of our igloo with red spray paint. We still put up another couple of levels while working on it for an hour before stopping for the night to take some pics. the Above pics are after we finished working.


TJ Eckleburg12 said...

hahahaha, nice

Yeah blogspot is weird like that. Apparently every time you upload a picture, it puts the code at the very top of the page, regardless of where the cursor was or what text is in the text box. So if you uploaded them in order, then they'll come out in reverse order.

What I do is I upload them one at a time so I know that the gobbledygook at the top of the page is the picture I have in mind right now, and I copy/paste wherever I wanna put it.

JC said...

WTF? Who tags an uncompleted igloo???