Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Buenos Aires for first leg of honeymoon, pics to follow

city is very cool, and the exchange rate is ridiculous. had a huge 3 course lunch with wine and coffe for $10 yesterday. Dinner was massive last night with coffee, the full dessert tasting menu, and a bottle of wine and it was only $55 for me and the wife. crazy.

the only downside to things so far is that they just ended a sanitation workers strike so there is piled garbage on almost every street corner. meh. but the rest of the city is great. The parks are beautiful, and originally I had planned on posting a bunch of pics I took today, but apparently the blogger image uploader is down for maintenance.

oh well I'll get back to it tomorrow. Staying at The Glu Hotel in Palermo. Really awesome place with cool rooms, fantastic breakfast, and a jacuzzi on the roof. I'm sitting on the balcony right now watching yankees rangers while drinking wine and typing this post as the sunsets. life is pretty good.

hope the grind is good for everybody at and away from the tables. see you guys soon.



Unknown said...

Hey man,

Would be great if you'd be willing to swap blog links with me. I have added you to mine @

Hope you have a good time on your honeymoon!


Dear Dealer said...

Wanna see honeymoon pics. babay!

Doublefly said...

wtf?!? it's been 2 weeks and still no pics!!! :-)