Wednesday, September 8, 2010

downswing now at $20,000

thats about 40BI considering it is all 2/4 and 3/6. I'm running about 15k under EV, but I can't complain. I run hot all the time, only fair that I run bad some too.

trying to stay focused and positive, but I'm definitely making some bad plays from time to time because of it. Mostly I'm frustrated because I keep running bluffs in what I believe are really good bluff spots and I think I'm getting looked up a lot because all the regs have noticed I never have a value hand. and the reason I never have a value hand is because for the last 50k hands or so I'm not really ever hitting anything. or I get sucked out on.


wedding invitations went out. need to get the registry started. other than that I'm just working and trying to stay focused. I really wanted to post another big month before october, but at this point it is going to be difficult just to get back to even. I've only once before started this far in the hole for a month and I didn't make it back that time despite my best efforts.

more importantly this really hurts my chances of posting a year like last year. I didn't grind nearly enough in the spring due to various distractions (mostly family related as well as getting the flu). I thought I could make it up by posting up 5 solid months to end the year, but that is going to be tough if september keeps going down the crapper.

oh and I played really crappy golf yesterday. which is frustrating because I had been swinging really well the last few times I had been out.

enough bitching



TJ Eckleburg12 said...

hang in there, variance happens, you'll be fine, etc etc

but you know all that already!


John K said...

I had a 40 buyin downswing earlier this year as well. Hang in there and things will turn around for you. Might be more tilting to suck at golf after hitting the ball well though.