Thursday, July 1, 2010

July = 120 Hours or Bust

So June was disappointing in that I wanted to play 100 hours and I only made it to 80. The biggest reasons for my shortcoming would be the 5 days I was sick when I only played one session, and not getting any play the weekend we went to our friends wedding. All that being said I had more than enough opportunity to reach my goal, and I didn't. I still had a good month, and I'm definitely not complaining about my results. But if I really want to have another solid year like last year I need to start putting in more hours.

So I'm declaring the goal now and going to be updating my progress throughout the month. I want to play 120 hours this month. I think it's entirely reasonable that I get there. Assuming I play 24 days during the month that only requires 5 hours a day. Basically two sessions a day 5-6 days a week. It is going to be taxing, and it is going to require putting my nose to the grind, but I think I can do it. People really underestimate how taxing that much poker can be on you, but I've gone through tougher stretches of work when I was in college.

so today is day 1 and I'm already behind. I woke up late and I've got a baseball game I'm getting ready to go to. But hopefully I can get in 1 good session late night. and then get up early tomorrow and grind all day. going on a harbor-cruise/concert tomorrow night so that will take away some of my hours. But if I work hard during the day I can get back on track.



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