Thursday, October 23, 2008

google reader is sweet, 1 year anniversary, PLUS A CONTEST!!!!

So my season as a baseball fan is basically over. I'll watch and enjoy the world series, but I have no vested interest in either team so it kind of kills the excitement. Although I've only lived in Boston for a couple of years I feel like I've become a pretty serious Red Sox fan. The love of the team is infectious in the city, especially when you live about 1/8th of a mile from Fenway Park. Plus I never really rooted for or against a particular AL team, so I don't feel like I'm betraying my love of the Reds (sigh) by rooting for the Red Sox. If a Reds/Red Sox world series were to occur in the future I would probably end up rooting for the Reds since as a franchise their opportunities to win have greatly decreased, but I wouldn't enjoy having to pick between the two.

I started Google Reader tonight, and let me say its sweet. I highly recommend everyone give it a shot. Its super easy to use, and it really makes reading blogs/news/etc much easier. If you decide to give it a go and you read this blog give it a subscribe so you can get easy updates when I write something.

Assuming I keep playing well and running decent I'm looking for my 3rd 5 figure month in a row this month. Things are going pretty well, and I feel very comfortable playing 5/10 now. I rarely look for 3/6 games anymore, and I haven't played 2/4 all month. A massive downswing and resulting loss in confidence is all just one variance bitch-slap away, but I'm hoping that my transition into the higher end of mid-stakes can now be considered permanent. There are only really one or two stakes higher than this that you can actually grind, and I think making it to those stakes is going to take a lot of work on my part. Then again if you had told me a year ago that I would have changed from LHE to NLHE and have moved up to comfortably 6-10 tabling 5/10 I probably would have been a little skeptical. Not to say that I totally would have dismissed it, but I'm not sure that I thought my poker growth would have continued this upward trend for 12 months.

Speaking of which this is pretty much the one year anniversary of me going pro. In my first 12 months I can confidently say that I greatly improved as a player, and I think the proof is that despite averaging only about 65 hrs of play a month I cracked 6-figures for that 12 month span. I'd be really raking it in if it weren't for the IRS, but I pay my taxes in the hope that eventually some politicians will quit wasting most of what I give them.

Finally the contest! I'm looking for an idea for a sweet halloween costume. Something creative, funny, original, whatever. Basically something that is cool and can actually be had via a trip to a local thrift shop, retail store, or via ordering online. I'm taking ideas. I have a few of my own, but nothing that I'm really excited about. So if you post an idea in my comments and I choose it I'll ship $10 to you on FTP or stars. You'll know if I choose your idea because I'll be sure to take pics and post them on the blog. May the best idea win!

thats all for now. later



micah068 said...
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Big Mike said...

Congrats on a year as a pro!!
I'll think about the costume thing.


Big Mike said...

Ok, you could get a suit and a noose and dress like an investment banker.
Too macabre?
Get a whole lot of monopoly money or a blank chequebook. At the halloween party, if anyone complains about anything, tell them they're too big to fail and give them 100 billion dollars. Tada - you're Ben Bernanke!!

JC said...

Go hard-core. Shave your head, buy a latex skull face that you use glue to apply to your face. use face paint to paint your face and head white. Add some cracks to your head with black paint. Dress in a suit, get a fedora too. Then add a deck of cards and whatever props you'd like to add ini order to convey the message that you are "The River".

Very impressive results on your 1-year anniversary. I may have to purchase your services as I am down about $1200 for the year. :-P

imthatguy said...

Since I have no H-Ween plans this year, you can use my idea:

Wear two polo shirts of contrasting colour, baggy jeans, shell necklace, a ball-cap tilted, and a little face bronzer. Say hello to instant Douche Bag!