Tuesday, March 4, 2008

end of my best month of poker ever

So February turned out to be my best month of poker ever. I ran decent in both LHE and NL. Despite not playing a ton of hours (I really picked my spots and didn't wear myself out) I managed to pull in just under $14,000 when you include rakeback and bonus. It was just under $190/hr which just goes to show you how little I played, lol.

I really think my 6max LHE game is one of the best at the midstakes online. Part of that is due to the fact that many of my really good peers have moved up or to NL, and it is also due to the fact that I've been playing professionally now for 5 months. I've really started to get a good intuitive understanding of hand ranges, hidden outs, and some of the more subtle math. Not to say that I couldn't have thought my way through these situations a year ago, but now they seem relatively obvious at the table.

I also had a good month of 6max NL, which was nice after such a lousy month in January. I still think I have some leaks in NL, and my game has a long way to go. I think it might be somewhat of a mistake for me to have jumped in NL400 after only two months of serious NL play, but I want the take the game seriously and improve. The winrates at NL200 were not keeping me interested, so I think moving up made since. I still play NL200 about 30% of the time.

March started off well, and I was running and playing quite well at 10/20 and 15/30. Then I played a bunch of NL yesterday and, well, it went badly. I lost 3.5 buyings in about 1k hands, although in my defense if I hadn't had a set over set for a stack or gotten two outed for 1.25xstack then I wouldn't have had a bad day at all. In fact without a couple of the coolers that I took I would have easily broken even. However I also made some really stupid plays that cost me at least 2 buyins or more.

But I did have a nice session of limit last night, so I'm up overall on the month. My goal for this month is to play 120 hours, and clear 5 figures again.

Updates in other things. Workouts are going great. I am a decent speed rope jumper now. I also have been able to bump up my resistance and reps in all of my workouts. And my last bullpen went really well. Maybe the best pen I've thrown in a couple of years.

Also I treated myself and bought a laptop last week. Originally I was going to get a relatively basic setup, but in the end decided if I'm going to spend $600-700 on a laptop I might as well spend $1k and get a really nice laptop. So I'm really pleased with my order which was a widescreen Lenovo with a really nice processor, lots of ram, great resolution and windows XP.

I'm now only a week and two days away from my Miami vacation and cruise with my college teammates. I'm getting super excited, and I hoping my laptop makes it in time so I can take it with me.

Also hoping to have updates about tryouts in next blog post, and of course I'll find some interesting hands to post up.

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Unknown said...

What. A. Month.

I'm shocked at how much you've progressed in such a relatively short time. Keep it high and tight, my man!